Scent Descriptions

Spring & Summer 2017

Homemade Goodies Collection

Warm Apple Cobbler - A true Southern classic, you can find this timeless dessert at just about any church social! Fresh, crisp apples are baked to perfection with sweet cinnamon sugar and topped with a buttery, vanilla crumble. This mouth watering fragrance is true to it's description!

Chestnuts & Brown Sugar - This is one of our best sellers and a customer favorite! Rich chestnuts are blended with notes of buttery caramel, sweet maple, and cream. Some people describe it as the scent of fresh buttercream frosting!

Very Vanilla - Year after year, the hands down best selling candle scent is vanilla. We searched long and hard for the truest vanilla we could find! With an intense vanilla base with a touch of cream, we think this is it!

Caramel Cinnamon Latte -Coffee lovers rejoice! This strong fragrance is just like walking into your favorite coffee shoppe! Fresh, bold coffee is blended with rich caramel, sweet vanilla cream, with just a touch of cinnamon. All that is missing is your favorite mug! 

Pumpkin Roll Cake - What could be better than the delicious scent of a homemade pumpkin roll cake, fresh out of the oven? This super strong scent blends rich pumpkin with decadent butter, sugar, a blend of spices, and a touch of cream cheese. All natural clove and cinnamon leaf essential oils have been added to enhance the depth of this yummy fragrance.

Buttermilk Pancakes - No country breakfast would be complete without this Southern staple! Warm, fluffy pancakes, sweet Vermont maple syrup, and creamy butter are blended together to create the ultimate breakfast scent! All that's missing is the bacon!

Iced Cinnabuns - Nothing will get your family out of bed faster on a Saturday morning than a pan of cinnabuns fresh from the oven! This decadent fragrance combines warm cinnamon buns with rich vanilla icing. All natural clove essential oil is also added for depth.

Spring + Summer Collection

Wild Cherry Blossom - Light & luscious wild cherry blossoms with notes of vanilla and mimosa make this a fabulous floral scent.

Mint Mojito - A classic cocktail scent! Fresh mint blended with tropical pineapple & sweet sugarcane make this fragrance a true to life version of the refreshing drink. All natural eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils have been added to enhance the minty freshness.

Bug Off! - Take back your summer with our first ever citronella candle! Made with all natural citronella essential oil, there are also notes of bright citrus and clean camphor to make this scent functional and pleasing! Great for keeping insects away from porches, decks, campsites, or other outdoor areas!

Toasted Marshmallow - No summer would be complete without a campfire with good friends, good music, a few sticks, and a bag full of yummy marshmallows. This fragrance captures all of that with a yummy blend of sweet vanilla with nutty notes of toasted sugar. All that's missing are the graham crackers and chocolate bars!

Just Breathe - Introducing our first all natural essential oil fragrance! We've blended eucalyptus, peppermint, cedarwood, and patchouli essential oils to create this invigorating scent. It's perfect for stuffy noses or for a quick pick me up!

Aloha - If you love the wildly popular Volcano scent, then you'll love our Aloha! A delightful blend of sugared oranges, lemons, limes, and tropical fruits with hints of exotic florals. This fragrance is a must have for summer!

April Showers - This unique fragrance blends together a host of spring favorites: sweet carnation & lily, crisp grapefruit, radiant jasmine & violet, and just a hint of vanilla beans & East Indian sandalwood. All natural grapefruit, lime, jasmine, rose, and lemon essential oils are also added.

Bourbon Poached Pears - This decadent fragrance features ripe, juicy pears blended with sweet, aged Tennessee whiskey. A smooth & delightful scent.

Strawberry Pickin’ - It just isn't summertime in the Blue Ridge Mountains without hitting your favorite strawberry patch for some berry pickin'! This fragrance is exactly like a basket full of fresh picked, sweet, juicy, sun ripened strawberries, just perfect for snacking on by the water!

Lemon Icebox Pie - Nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer day than a slice of this creamy pie straight from the icebox! Fresh squeezed lemons, rich sweet cream, and buttery vanilla all blend together in this classic summer sweet treat.

Pineapple Sage - This super fragrant herb is a popular snack for hummingbirds & butterflies, as well as a beautiful pop of color for gardeners! A sweet blend of ripe pineapple and aromatic sage, this floral scent has all natural eucalyptus, guaiacwood, and cedarwood essential oils added for an enhanced scent throw.

Clean + Calm Collection

Spa Day - Escape to your favorite day spa with this relaxing fragrance! Notes of lemongrass, black currant, patchouli, and sugar cane are blended together to create this unique scent. All natural lemongrass, patchouli, and lime essential oils are added to make this fragrance true aromatherapy.

Carolina Coast - What could be better than an evening stroll on your favorite Carolina beach? This invigorating fragrance will instantly remind you of fresh ocean air. All natural orange and lemon essential oils have been added for enhanced scent throw.

Laundry Day - Enjoy the fresh aroma of clean laundry without the work! Nothing beats the smell of clean linens drying on the clothesline on a warm, sunny day. This super fresh scent is a dead on duplicate of your favorite detergent. All natural lemon and lime essential oils have been added for an extra brightness.

Red Ginger Saffron - Take a trip through a Middle Eastern spice market with this unique scent! Notes of ginger, saffron, cardamom, and lemongrass blend together beautifully to create this zesty, yet clean fragrance. All natural essential oils of ginger, cedarwood, geranium, and patchouli have been added for an extra aromatic enhancement.

Black Currant Tea - There's no better way to relax after a stressful day than with a hot cup of tea! Let all your troubles melt away with this light blend of white tea and sweet currants with subtle floral notes. 

Cotton Tree - A customer favorite! This fragrance is a blend of crisp, clean cotton and earthy floral & wood notes. All natural clove leaf essential oil has been added for aromatic enhancement.

Blue Ridge Favorites Collection

Smith Mountain Lake House - Imagine the fresh, airiness of your own private lake house, complete with clean linens drying in the sunshine on the line along the banks of beautiful Smith Mountain Lake...that is EXACTLY what you will get in this amazing scent! All natural orange, parsley leaf, and patchouli essential oils have been added for floral and citrus notes.

Appalachian Harvest - This fragrance has been so popular, we decided to keep it year round! Autumn here in the Blue Ridge Mountains means apple picking time! Nothing beats strolling through a beautiful mountain orchard taking in the delicious scent of fresh apples. This fragrance combines ripe, juicy apples with just a touch of vanilla and spice. All natural cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, orange, and cedarwood essential oils have been infused to enhance this best seller.

Mill Mountain Magnolia - A true Southern staple, magnolia blossoms are a timeless classic floral fragrance. Spring time in the Roanoke Valley means an abundance of these sweet blooms everywhere you turn! This bold scent has all natural orange and citronella essential oils added to enhance the scent throw.

Huckleberry Trail - This local landmark is a stretch of former railroad that has been turned into a nature path. It winds its way near the campus of Virginia Teach and through beautiful Blacksburg, Virginia. Along this peaceful trail, you'll find plenty of huckleberries - wild blueberries - and this scent captures their sweet aroma perfectly! Ripe, juicy, huckleberries, fresh off the vine - the perfect summer snack!

Hotel Roanoke Spoonbread - If you're ever in our beautiful neck of the woods, you must pay a visit to the historic Hotel Roanoke. One of their culinary staples is their spoonbread, a traditional Southern side dish of butter, sugar, milk, eggs, and cornmeal. We've found the perfect scent that captures all of that yumminess!

Longdale Lilacs - One sniff of this fragrance took me straight back to my childhood. I knew it would be an excellent addition to our Blue Ridge Favorites collection! This scent is light and sweet, just like the gorgeous lilac bushes that bloomed each spring in the yard of my family's home in Longdale, VA. In hues of white & lavender, these beautiful bushes would come to life, begging for me to pick them and make my own mason jar arrangements for the kitchen table.

Monterey Maple Donut - Let us take you on a trip to beautiful Highland County, Virginia, where people flock by the thousands each March for the annual Maple Festival. One of the tastiest treats you'll find are homemade Maple Donuts & this scent is a dead ringer for the mouth watering aroma of fresh donuts coated in yummy maple glaze.

Fruits + Florals Collection

Peach Bellini - This delightful fragrance is the perfect blend of sweet, sun ripened peaches and light, bubble champagne. Subtle notes of jasmine, plum, and lily round out this customer favorite.

Orange Ginger Fizz - This is one unique, playful, and refreshing fragrance! Sparkling mandarin oranges & limes are blended with notes of warm bourbon, cinnamon, and cloves to create this effervescent aroma. The best way to describe it: you can ACTUALLY smell the fizz!

Monkey Farts - Yep, you read that correctly! Now that we have you're attention (LOL), we think you're going to love this scent, crazy name and all! We've taken all your favorite fruits and blended them into one! You'll find a strong base of sweet bananas with notes of ripe kiwi, juicy pineapple, and fresh strawberries. There's even hints of vanilla and bubble gum to make this fragrance even sweeter!

Lavender - Let this classic fragrance help you unwind. Our lavender is infused with all natural orange, lemon, cedarwood, and of course, lavender essential oils to help make this scent strong & true.

Island Escape - Cast your cares away and breathe in the islands with this exotic scent! Sweet coconut rum mixed with fresh, juicy limes create the perfect getaway for your senses. All natural lime and orange essential oils have been added to enhance the scent throw.

Honeysuckle Jasmine - Nothing says summer time in the South quite like the aroma of honeysuckle! This bright scent blends together sweet honeysuckle with lively jasmine to create the ultimate floral fragrance. All natural guaiacwood essential oil has been added to enhance the scent throw.

Grapefruit Splash - Tangy grapefruit is blended with sweet & punchy mangosteen to create a deliciously unique fragrance. This scent is a year round customer favorite!

Dreamsicle - Everyone's favorite childhood treat! Sweet oranges blended with creamy vanilla - the only thing missing is the popsicle stick!

Citrus & Goji Berries - If you're looking for a unique fragrance, this is it! Fresh squeezed oranges are blended with exotically tart goji berries and subtle hints of vanilla to create a one of a kind aroma. All natural orange and grapefruit essential oils have been added for a sweet punch.