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Holy cow, y’all! We know how much you guys love a good deal & boy to we have a sale for you! Our Rebrand Clearance Sale is now live!

Wait – what the heck is a Rebrand Clearance Sale? Well friend, we’re glad you asked!

One of our main goals for 2019 was to give our look a fresh update. Can you believe that we have had the SAME LABELS that we did when we first started this little candle business way back in 2005? Crazy right?

So we’ve partnered up again with our business BFF – the amazingly talented Whitney Vaughn of Saved By Grace Co. She has designed the most gorgeous new labels for us & we can’t wait to share them with you! Here’s a sneak peek of our new look:

Before we can launch our exciting rebrand, we’ve got to get rid of our existing inventory, so it’s time for a clearance sale! And not just any clearance sale – this is literally the BIGGEST sale we have EVER had! Dozens of scents are included – some of your long time favorites, some blasts from the past, and some new favorites waiting to be discovered!

To help you get the most bang for your buck, we’ve put together a quick round up of our Top 5 Favorite Clearance Sale finds:


All of our Aroma Melts in this sale are just $1 each!


We only offer our melts at this low price a few times a year & we have SUPER limited quantities available in a variety of scents! So if Aroma Melts are your jam, grab them before they are gone!



NOTHING is better than scoring an awesome deal – and it doesn’t get much better than half off! There are TONS of scents in a variety of sizes available for up to 50% off!

If you’re feeling all the spring vibes already – try April Showers in our adorable 4 oz. Mason Jar! It’s half off & quantities are super limited!



If you’re familiar with our products, you know we like to keep things fresh by offering seasonal scent lists that we change out twice a year. Each time we rotate our list, we go through and pull scents that aren’t selling so well and replace them with something new. Every now and then we have to make some tough choices on what to retire, but just remember that retired doesn’t mean gone forever!

We’ve brought back a bunch of retired scents just for this sale! So if you’re a fan of some of our old school favorites like Mint Mojito, Black Currant Tea, Warm Apple Cobbler, or Strawberry Pickin’ – now is your chance to stock up while you can!



We see you. Lover of all things fall & winter. Watching Hallmark Christmas Movies all year long. Sipping your PSLs with your shorts & flip flops on. We see you & we’ve got you covered in this sale!

If you aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to the Holiday spirit or if you wish it was fall all year – then you’re going to love our selection of fall & winter scents in this sale! All your favorites are here – from Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas to Pumpkin Cookie Crunch – this will be the last time you see these scents until the fall!



Shipping is EXPENSIVE. And candles are heavy. It’s so frustrating to be shopping your heart out only to get to the check out and find that you need to take out a second mortgage to cover the shipping! We feel that pain too! That’s why we decided to completely overhaul how we process shipping!

All domestic (United States) orders of 50lbs or less will now have flat rate shipping of $6.95! That’s right – buy one candle or SEVERAL candles & your shipping will only be $6.95. Any orders weighing in over 50 lbs will be shipped via UPS & their rates will apply.

We hope this quick little round up will help make the most of your Rebrand Clearance Sale experience! We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again – quantities are SUPER limited & several scents will sell out super fast!

And HURRY! This amazing sale will end at midnight on Friday! After the sale ends, our beautiful new rebrand will launch – along with our Spring + Summer Scent List!

Thank you all for being the most wonderful candle family we could ask for!

With a grateful heart,

Callie Altman

Owner, NMCC

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