Scent Descriptions

The Bake Sale

Fried Apple Pie – The delicious aroma of handmade apple pies, deep fried to golden brown! It’s everything you’d expect to find in a homemade apple pie: fresh baked apples, flaky pie crust, cinnamon, and clove with slight notes of almond and caramel.

Birthday Cake – It’s not a celebration without cake! This scent is the perfect combination of delicious yellow cake and rich vanilla buttercream frosting.

Iced Cinnabuns - Nothing will get your family out of bed faster on a Saturday morning than a pan of cinnamon buns fresh from the oven! This delicious fragrance combines warm cinnamon buns with rich vanilla icing. All natural clove essential oil is also added for depth.

Blueberry Muffins – This customer favorite is back by popular demand! A mouthwatering breakfast treat! Fresh picked blueberries with notes of sweet vanilla & rich, creamy butter – all baked to perfection – make this scent to die for!

Caramel Cinnamon Latte - Coffee lovers rejoice! This strong fragrance is just like walking into your favorite coffee shoppe! Fresh, bold coffee is blended with rich caramel, sweet vanilla cream, with just a touch of cinnamon. All that is missing is your favorite mug! 

Brownie Batter – We searched long and hard for the PERFECT chocolate scent and boy have we found it! This scent smells EXACTLY like a fresh batch of brownie batter all mixed up & ready for the oven! Bittersweet chocolate with hints of walnut and vanilla combine for one decadent fragrance!

Clean + Calm Collection

Fresh Linen – Enjoy the fresh aroma of clean laundry without the work! Nothing beats the smell of clean linens drying on the clothesline on a warm, sunny day. This super fresh scent is a dead on duplicate of your favorite detergent. All natural lemon and lime essential oils have been added for an extra brightness.

Deep Sleep - Let the classic relaxing scent of lavender help you unwind and prepare for sweet dreams. This fragrance is made of a 100% all natural essential oil blend that includes lavender, orange, lemon, and cedarwood.

Spa Day - Escape to your favorite day spa with this relaxing fragrance! Notes of lemongrass, black currant, patchouli, and sugar cane are blended together to create this refreshing scent. All natural lemongrass, patchouli, and lime essential oils are added to make this fragrance true aromatherapy.

Carolina Coast - What could be better than an evening stroll on your favorite Carolina beach? This invigorating fragrance will instantly remind you of fresh ocean air. All natural orange and lemon essential oils have been added for enhanced scent throw.

Just Breathe – This invigorating scent one of our all natural essential oil fragrances! We've blended eucalyptus, peppermint, cedarwood, and patchouli essential oils to create this vibrant scent. It's perfect for stuffy noses or for a quick pick me up!

Relax – Another all natural essential oil fragrance that is the perfect way to unwind. We’ve blended lavender & chamomile essential oils with notes of cedarwood, eucalyptus, & orange to create the ultimate soothing scent.

Blue Ridge Favorites

Monterey Maple Donut - Let us take you on a trip to beautiful Highland County, Virginia, where people flock by the thousands each March for the annual Maple Festival. One of the tastiest treats you'll find are homemade maple donuts & this scent is a dead ringer for the mouth watering aroma of fresh donuts coated in yummy maple glaze.

Mill Mountain Magnolia - A true Southern staple, magnolia blossoms are a timeless classic floral fragrance. Spring time in the Roanoke Valley means an abundance of these sweet blooms everywhere you turn! This bold scent has all natural orange and citronella essential oils added to enhance the scent throw.

Smith Mountain Lake House - Imagine the fresh, airiness of your own private lake house, complete with clean linens drying in the sunshine on the clothesline along the banks of beautiful Smith Mountain Lake...that is EXACTLY what you will get in this amazing scent! All natural orange, parsley leaf, and patchouli essential oils have been added for floral and citrus notes.

Longdale Lilacs - One sniff of this fragrance took me straight back to my childhood. This scent is light and sweet, just like the gorgeous lilac bushes that bloomed each spring in the yard of my family's home in Longdale, VA. In hues of white & lavender, these beautiful bushes would come to life, begging for me to pick them and make my own mason jar arrangements for the kitchen table.

Appalachian Harvest - This fragrance has been so popular, we decided to keep it year round! Autumn here in the Blue Ridge Mountains means apple picking time! Nothing beats strolling through a beautiful mountain orchard while taking in the delicious scent of sweet, ripe apples. This fragrance combines fresh, juicy apples with just a touch of vanilla and spice. All natural cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, orange, and cedarwood essential oils have been infused to enhance this best seller.

Hotel Roanoke Spoonbread - If you're ever in our beautiful neck of the woods, you must pay a visit to the historic Hotel Roanoke. One of their culinary staples is their spoonbread, a traditional Southern side dish of butter, sugar, milk, eggs, and cornmeal. We've found the perfect scent that captures all of that yumminess!

Huckleberry Trail - This local landmark is a stretch of former railroad that has been turned into a nature path. It winds its way near the campus of Virginia Tech, through beautiful Blacksburg, Virginia. Along this peaceful trail, you'll find plenty of huckleberries – also known as wild blueberries - and this scent captures their sweet aroma perfectly! Sunripened, juicy, huckleberries, fresh off the vine - the perfect summer snack!

Virginia Wine Country - This fragrance was inspired by the dozens of beautiful vineyards & wineries that dot the countryside of Central & Southwest Virginia and the countless delicious wines they produce! This scent is the perfect blend of crisp white grapes, sweet fruits, & juicy berries with a subtle touch of musky oak. We're blessed to be surrounded by some of the finest wine producers in the state! To that we say salute!

Old Dominion Dogwood – Every spring the mountains of Virginia come alive with the gorgeous white & pink blooms of the state tree – the dogwood. This scent captures the beauty of that scene perfectly with a soft blend of violet, jasmine, & plumeria with a slight note of sandalwood.

McAfee’s Sunset – Introducing our newest addition to the Blue Ridge Favorites Collection! McAfee Knob is one of the most popular stops on the Appalachian Trail. Perched atop Catawba Mountain, this gorgeous rock ledge offers a 270 degree panoramic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Our favorite time to visit is during a summer sunset – not only are the views breath taking but the heavenly scent that fills the air is what inspired us to create this scent! Sweet floral notes of jasmine, plumeria, and geranium are blended with earthy notes of palm, bamboo, and sandalwood. All natural lemon and amyris essential oils are also infused as well.

The Farmhouse Collection

Granny’s Kitchen - This fragrance instantly takes me back to sitting at my Granny's kitchen table while she cooked with the Oak Ridge Boys gospel cassette tapes playing on the stereo in the background. This is a homey blend of cinnamon & spices with creamy vanilla and a punch of sweet coconut to finish it out. You can almost taste whatever pie or cake she was making for the church social! 

Hydrangea Bouquet - No farmhouse would be complete without a bouquet of sweet hydrangeas. Whether they've just been picked or dried to be enjoyed year long, these beauties are a farmhouse staple! This fragrance captures these classic flowers beautifully - notes of lilies & carnations are added for extra sweetness. All natural orange essential oil is blended in for a crisp finish.

Southern Sweet Tea - This fragrance is perfect for front porch sittin'! Earthy tea is blended with subtle notes of peach & jasmine with just the slightest hint of crisp citrus. A true farmhouse always has a pitcher of tea ready for company!

Barn Wood - The ultimate guy's fragrance! This scent blends rich notes of cedar and pine with a touch of sandalwood. All natural cedarwood, patchouli, and sandalwood essential oils have been infused into this fragrance as well. This musky scent is a must have for the men in your life!

Cowboy Coffee – Nothing makes a better cup of coffee than an old metal coffee pot over top of a campfire! Cowboy Coffee was inspired by childhood camping trips where breakfast was always accompanied by a steaming pot of the strong stuff. Bold Columbian coffee beans are blended with a slight note of sweetness to make this the ultimate warm & cozy coffee scent.

Sweet Tobacco – Take a trip down memory lane with this classic scent. A blend of warm pipe tobacco, sweet vanilla, and notes of rich pine. All natural cedarwood essential oil has been infused into this fragrance as well.

Country Roads – Nothing beats a summer evening drive down a country road in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Picture the windows rolled down, with the cool breeze blowing, and the fresh scent of lush green florals like lily and jasmine with notes of juniper & clove. That’s exactly what you’ll find in this new fragrance! All natural juniper essential oil has been infused into this fragrance.

Fresh Picked

Honeysuckle Jasmine - Nothing says summer time in the South quite like the aroma of honeysuckle! This bright scent blends together sweet honeysuckle with lively jasmine to create the ultimate floral fragrance. All natural guaiacwood essential oil has been added to enhance the scent throw.

Dreamsicle - Everyone's favorite childhood treat! Sweet oranges blended with creamy vanilla - the only thing missing is the popsicle stick!

Peach Bellini - This delightful fragrance is the perfect blend of sweet, sun ripened peaches and light, bubbly champagne. Subtle notes of jasmine, plum, and lily round out this customer favorite.

Sea Salt & Orchid - Create your own oceanfront oasis with this smooth fragrance. This unique scent is an elegant blend of crisp sea salt and calming florals, with subtle hints of sweet cream and jasmine to round it out. It's also infused with all natural orange essential oil.

Grapefruit Splash - Tangy grapefruit is blended with sweet & punchy mangosteen to create a deliciously vibrant fragrance. This scent is a year round customer favorite!

Monkey Farts - Yep, you read that correctly! Now that we have you're attention (LOL), we think you're going to love this scent, crazy name and all! We've taken all your favorite fruits and blended them into one! You'll find a strong base of sweet bananas with notes of ripe kiwi, juicy pineapple, and fresh strawberries. There's even hints of vanilla and bubble gum to make this fragrance even sweeter!

Aloha - If you love the wildly popular Volcano scent, then you'll love our Aloha! A delightful blend of sugared oranges, lemons, limes, and tropical fruits with hints of exotic florals. This fragrance is a must have!

The Fall Collection

Autumn Hot Toddy - This fabulous Fall scent is the perfect seasonal cocktail! Smooth bourbon blended with fresh picked apples and a touch of sweet maple. All natural cinnamon essential oil is added in to finish out this unique fragrance!

Fall on the Parkway – One of our favorite fall activities is leaf peepin' on the Blue Ridge Parkway! We're blessed to have this national treasure in our backyard - literally! This scent embodies everything we love about fall here in the mountains - earthy pumpkin with an aromatic blend of spices and notes of almond & maple. All natural cinnamon, clove, and ginger essential oils are added into this fragrance as well. It's the perfect true pumpkin scent - not overly sweet like some of our others!

Pumpkin Cookie Crunch - One of our best sellers of the season! Fresh baked pumpkin cookies full of cardamom and cinnamon, topped with rich vanilla, and Vermont maple sugar!

Hot Apple Cider - The Blue Ridge Mountains are FULL of amazing apple orchards and cider mills & we enjoy a few local favorites year round! Nothing beats a cup of warm cider on a chilly autumn evening! This scent is a delicious blend of crisp, juicy apples and spicy cinnamon & clove - just like cider fresh off the press!

Cranberry Marmalade - This fragrance captures the essence of the holidays! Tart cranberries are blended with warm spices, sweet apples, fresh orange peel, and subtle notes of evergreen. All natural cinnamon, clove, and orange essential oils are infused into this scent as well!


Fall Foliage – Cool air, bright blue skies, and vibrant colors – nothing beats autumn in the Blue Ridge Mountains! When the leaves first start to turn, a magical scent fills the air & we’ve done our best to capture it in this scent! Sweet Vermont maple syrup, crisp apples, and a festive blend of spices make this the perfect duplicate of the popular Leaves scent everyone loves!

Pumpkin Spice Latte – No explanation is required for this one, but we’ll give it to you anyway! Everyone’s favorite fall drink is finally available in candle form! We’ve blended together sweet pumpkin, bold espresso, rich brown sugar, and spicy cinnamon with notes of fresh whipped cream to perfectly capture the PSL!

Bourbon Poached Pears - This decadent fragrance features ripe, juicy pears blended with sweet, aged Tennessee whiskey. Smooth & delightful.

Pumpkin Roll Cake - What could be better than the heavenly aroma of a homemade pumpkin roll cake, fresh out of the oven? This super strong scent blends rich pumpkin with decadent butter, sugar, a blend of spices, and a touch of cream cheese. All natural clove and cinnamon leaf essential oils have been added to enhance the depth of this yummy fragrance.

Farmhouse Flannel - It's just not fall without your favorite cozy flannel! This unique scent perfectly blends together the warmth of spicy cinnamon & sweet vanilla. All natural guaiacwood and gurjun balsam essential oils have been infused in to enhance this full bodied fragrance.

The Holiday Collection

Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas - Bring home the magic of the holidays in the Blue Ridge Mountains with this festive scent! Fresh mountain pine is blended with oranges, holiday spices, and just a hint of a warm, crackling fire. All natural orange, cinnamon, clove, vetiver, and pine essential oils are added in to make this a truly unique fragrance!

Cookies for Santa - A little birdie told us that The Big Guy LOVES sugar cookies! And this fragrance is pure sugar cookie bliss! Creamy butter, sugar, and rich vanilla are baked to perfection and captured perfectly in this scent! A must have for the holiday season!

Festive Farmhouse - Create your own cozy farmhouse this Christmas with this yummy scent! The heavenly aroma of gingerbread cookies - fresh baked from a recipe that’s been handed down for generations - is captured beautifully in this fragrance. Fresh ginger, spicy cinnamon & clove, creamy butter, and decadent vanilla frosting are combined to create the ultimate holiday experience. All natural clove essential oil is added in for extra depth.

Floyd County Christmas Tree - This is the ultimate fresh cut tree scent! The hearty fragrance of Blue Spruce is combined with a slight hint of citrus with all natural cedarwood and pine essential oils blended in to truly capture the spirit of the holidays!

First Flakes - There’s nothing like the excitement brought on by those first few snowflakes of the season! This scent will have you dreaming of glistening snow days! Festive bayberry and bright peppermint are blended together with notes of cinnamon & clove to make this a holiday favorite!

Chestnuts & Brown Sugar - Rich chestnuts are blended with notes of buttery caramel, sweet maple, and cream. Some people describe it as the scent of fresh buttercream frosting!

Sparkling Pomegranate - This light and fresh fragrance is a unique holiday delight! Tart and tangy pomegranate is blended with sweet sugar and bubbly champagne. All natural cardamom, nutmeg, and orange essential oils add an extra kick to this sweet scent.

Christmas Coffee - You asked & we listened! By popular demand we created our own version of this holiday staple! Rich chocolate, fresh peppermint, and steamy espresso make a festive blend that will have you in the Christmas spirit in no time!

Sweater Weather - Who doesn’t love breaking out their favorite sweaters when cooler weather comes to town? This scent is a smooth blend of warm cedarwood, sweet vanilla sugar, & woodsy musk – just like opening your cedar chest to pull out those cozy sweaters!

Home for the Holidays - Nothing beats walking through the front door of "home" during the holiday season. This scent captures all the emotions of coming home for Christmas with woodsy notes of fresh cut fir, warm cedar, sweet sugared berries, and cozy vanilla all blended in to an amazing holiday fragrance.