New Season, New Look: The story behind our rebrand

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Once upon a time, 14 years ago, a young newlywed made some candles for Christmas gifts for her friends and family. Much to her surprise, her friends & family loved the candles so much, that they asked her to make more! And so a business was born…

That young newlywed girl? That was me! Believe it or not, that is how this little business of mine got started. As I started to navigate this new and foreign world of entrepreneurship, I began to develop my brand. I carefully selected my business name and I decided what products I wanted to make and sell. Part of that branding journey was deciding on the overall look and feel of my products.

With a name like “North Mountain Candle Co.”, I knew I wanted my brand to have a more rustic look. Way back then, primitive décor was all the rage. It was farmhouse chic before farmhouses were cool. So our original branding – a darker color scheme, kraft brown labels, and cozy, “down home” scents - that I chose 14 years ago has stuck with us ever since.

(wow! what a throw back!)

But I knew going into 2019 that it was time for a new look. I wanted to freshen up the look of our products – make them bright and appealing to everyone, not just fans of the rustic style. So here’s a little background story on our rebranding process - from my perspective.

What the heck is a rebrand?

Such a good question! The easiest way to explain it: its a makeover for your business. Some businesses rebrand and change everything completely – products, name, logo, packaging, website, marketing – everything. For us, we wanted to keep it simple. Our products were great but I wanted them to have a more modern look. So we decided to focus on our packaging and really make the appearance of our products pop.

(the before shot)

Deciding on a look

Since our products have always had a more rustic look, I knew I wanted to stay true to those roots while giving them a little update. We strongly felt that the perfect new look for us was a classic farmhouse design. So in order to accomplish that, we decided to keep our candles the same – in their adorable square Mason jars. They have that vintage look of days gone by when Mason jars were used for EVERYTHING while still being super functional after you’re done burning your candle.

One thing we did change when it came to our containers was the lid. We knew if we were going to give our labeling a light and airy makeover, then we needed to change our lids since they were a darker color. We ordered a ton of lid samples – much to the delight of our little guy, Easton, who LOVES to play with lids. Once we tried all the options, we settled on a gorgeous galvanized metal that works beautifully with our new labels!

When it came to what to do about our labels, the very first thing we did was call the amazingly talented Whitney Vaughn of Saved By Grace Co. If you’ve been following us for a while then you know that Whitney not only does all of our graphic design work but she is my business ride or die. Every road bump, question, or major decision I encounter in the business, I call Whitney. Lord knows she has to be sick of my never ending texts!

(me + Whitney)

Not only is Whitney a crazy talented boss babe but she’s also like a real life Joanna Gaines – her house is a farmhouse dream! I knew she was the perfect person to take on this project with because what I was envisioning for these new labels was a light and airy farmhouse look. It literally took one brief power meeting over coffee & bagels and she was able to send me a proof that NAILED what I had dreamed our new labels would look like.

This label redesign was completely comprehensive – we changed EVERYTHING! For 14 years, our labels have been a kraft brown material with only black ink. Hardly light & airy, right? We decided it was time to change that too – so we made the switch to all white labels with the slightest hint of color. What color? A subtle but gorgeous shade of robin’s egg blue – something you can find everywhere in farmhouse décor!

Looking back on the process as a whole now, it sounds super simple but it was QUITE the undertaking! Basically starting from scratch with our labeling meant a lot of sleepless nights for me as I tried to figure out what the heck I wanted them to look like! Once we finally had the design concept, we had to tackle some major logistical challenges - the new labels are a slightly smaller size, a completely different material, and printed with color ink. We went through dozens of sample labels until we found the perfect dimensions and material. Then we spent countless hours researching the best color printer to invest in because we print all of our own materials in addition to making all of our products.

In the end, all the hard work on our labels turned out to be so worth it! We think they look perfect! From the gorgeous design that Whitney provided with their pretty pops of color, to the clean look of the white labels, to the farmhouse feel of the new galvanized metal lids – the new look is the perfect representation of what we had in mind when we first began this process months ago.

(the finished product)

What DIDN’T change?

In addition to not straying from our Mason jar roots – a few other things were super important to keep the same…

  1. Our prices – our customers mean the world to us and keeping our prices realistic is something we take great pride in. We may have a new look, but our prices haven’t changed one bit.
  2. Our quality – just like we take great pride in our prices, it’s no different with our product quality! We have 45 fragrance available for you to shop from and every single one has been tested for weeks before we added to our collection.
  3. Our name & logo – while our labels may look different, our name and logo are still the same! There’s no way we could ever stray from the business name that’s so near and dear to us personally.
  4. Our product range – you’ll still be able to buy our candles in three sizes: 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz Mason jars and we will still carry all of our scents in our super popular Aroma Melts! You can shop Aroma Melts and candles in 4 oz & 8 oz sizes today – our 16 oz sizes will be back in stock soon!
  5. Our  team – we are still the same family owned business that we have been for the last 14 years! Our family personally makes, packs, and ships every order placed on our website, sent to one of our stockists, or sold at a show that we attend. You won’t see that changing any time soon either!

(the family behind the brand)

So, got any new scents?

Heck yea we do friends! We thought this rebrand would be the perfect opportunity to give our fragrance collection a good purge. You’ll notice there’s some long time scents missing and that’s because we did a LOT of number crunching and decided to replace some of our less popular scents with some new ones for you guys to try. Don’t worry too much though – just because a scent isn’t on the Spring + Summer List doesn’t mean its gone for good!

There are new scents in each collection, but we really shook things up with our Bake Sale Collection and the new Spring + Summer Collection! With so many new scents to try, you’re gonna want to get a few of our Mix + Match Packs! It’s the easiest & most cost effective way to try out all the new fragrances!

(fresh garden mint - one of our favorite spring scents!)

I hope this has helped shine a little light on the process behind our rebrand! And I hope even more that you’ll love our new look as much as we do! As always, thank you all for your support! You're more than just customers to us - you're a part of this candle family!

With a grateful heart,


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